I am a Windsor-based Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist with a passion for staying active and, of course, food. Through my years as a nutrition professional, I've counseled clients of all ages with a wide range of chronic diseases and nutrition concerns, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and food allergies. I recently completed a course on Elimination diets, and have a particular interest in the FODMAP diet, plant-based eating and celiac disease. 

My personal food philosophy is eating 'whole'istic and sustainably.

'Whole'istic eating is essential to preventative medicine and encompasses both HOW you eat and WHAT you eat.  My definition of 'whole'istic eating is consuming whole, minimally processed foods (most of the time!)  mindfully.  Personally, I follow predominately on a plant-based, whole foods diet. However, I do understand that every person has a unique journey to health and wellness, and may respond best to different foods or diets, so I focus on an individualized approach in my practice.  

Eating sustainably means, not only do I try to limit my impact on the environment in all parts of my life, including meal preparation, but I work towards facilitating sustainable change in my clients. In order to feel good long term, goals and diet changes need to be realistic. I will challenge you to change, but never push you past what possible. 

‘whole’istic eating is consuming whole, minimally processed foods mindfully.


Personally, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen creating and tweaking recipes that taste good and make me feel good.  I also have several of my own food sensitivities and often have to modify recipes to meet my needs. 

To stay active, I enjoy weight training, Pilates and yoga (acro, aerial and vinyasa). I am  certified in matwork Pilates and aerial conditioning through Breathe Pilates and Fitness, and am inspired every day by the students I encounter.  

To get to where I am today, I completed an undergraduate degree at Ryerson University in Toronto, followed by a Master’s of Science degree in Food and Nutrition at University of Western Ontario in London. I am registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario. Other programs I have completed include: the Therapeutic Elimination Diet Track (Integrative and Function Nutrition Academy), Celiac Preceptorship Program (University of Chicago Celiac Disease Centre), and Craving Change.