What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is gaining control over your food, rather than letting your food control you.  It teaches you to bring awareness to your eating practices, rather than eating on autopilot. It focuses on the practice of HOW you eat, rather than WHAT you eat.  It starts with respecting your body by choosing foods that make you feel good, respecting your appetite by eating when you feel hungry (and stopping when you feel satisfied), and respecting the food by taking your time to eat it (and enjoying it!). 

In a sometimes chaotic world where we are often in search of the quick-fix and need instant gratification, being mindful can be a difficult mental adjustment.  What we crave in response to our emotions or environment, and how we eat our food, are deep-rooted habits. As the saying goes, "old habits die hard."   The good news is our brain is an amazing organ, with the ability to change throughout our life.  Just like we can improve our strength with physical exercise, we can improve our food conciousness with mindful based exercises. 

I have completed the Craving Change program, and have years of experience coaching clients with digestive issues, binging behaviours and weight concerns related to mindless eating practices.  Mindful eating coaching is available through single sessions, or consider purchasing the Savoured Mindful Nutrition bundle!

Want to start eating more mindfully? This resource may help you get started!