engine 2 plant strong

Product Review: Engine 2 Plant Strong Ravioli


Exploring grocery stores is actually one of my favourite things to do - I love looking around for new products that may be useful for my clients, and also pick up a few new things to try.  I know a lot of bloggers and people personally who talk down on packaged foods - and yes in an ideal world would make all our foods from scratch, but we don't always have the time.  Some days you may be able to prioritize meal planning and cooking, and other days kids after school sports or work might be number one. 

I'm glad there aren't any Whole Foods in town, because I think I'd end up spending waaay to much money on fun convenience meals.  I came across this Engine 2 Plant Strong raviolis last time I was there and they are SOOO good.  I wouldn't even know where to begin making ravioli from scratch, so this is definitely a keeper for those busy nights.  The noodles are whole wheat (with vital wheat gluten) and and beans in the filling. Really quick and easy to prepare as well.