intensive yoga teacher

My time at Yandara 200hr YTT

This yoga training was an amazing gift.  Here are some of my highlights of my impression of Yandara and an international intensive teacher training:

  • Being around 'like' people. It was great to spend two weeks with an amazing group of ladies (the October group happened to be all gals) with similar interests. We were able to connect really quickly and have some deep conversations as well as a lot of fun.
  • Peace and quiet.  Between learning to meditate, silent breakfasts, and being disconnected from technology and "city" noises, Yandara is a great place to contemplate.  Reflecting back about a month out of my training, its amazing how much mental energy we put towards pointless things daily. When I came to this training I was looking to learn yoga and relax a bit, but it was really so much more than that. I would 100% recommend this program to someone even if they have no plans on teaching yoga: everyone needs to take a moment away from it all for a change in perspective.
  • Yoga!  Yandara isn't focused on a certain style of yoga.  There are elements of iyengar, and it does emphasizes a vinyasa practice (which most were interested in eaching).  Instead the emphasis in this training is how to teach yoga and teaching it safely. They take you through adjustments of poses, and cuing. Between the yoga classes, teaching and receiving adjusments it allows you to "feel" the poses. I'm a bit obsessed with progressing my arm balances and inversions, and we did have some time to play with these. 
  • A balance in spirituality.  I had always been a 'yoga for exercise' kind of girl.  I am still very new to seeing yoga as more than just the physical practice.  I did find this program had a very balanced approach to the spiritual aspects; it wasn't "too out there" so to speak. During the philosphy/ spiritual training hours, we focused on self-discovery and yoga philophy (chakras, 8 limbs, etc.).  I think this is truly what makes Yandara very unique, because I'm not sure other trainings build in working towards personal growth.  It may seem unecessary, but I think that "magic" and connection you feel in some yoga classes is because that teacher has a level of self understanding and connection. This is always a journey but Yandara will help you to get the ball rolling.  

The downfall of an intensive training is there is so much to learn in so little time.  I must admit, I wished I had some more time to go through the poses and practice teach. I didn't feel like I was leaving there ready to teach right away. But, I had been warned by multiple teachers before I left that 200 hr is only the start of the journey to learning and teaching yoga.  Another part of it is confidence level, I am working on my desire to always "get it perfect", which became very apparent in some of my teaching sessions. However, with all that said there were some sessions where our discussions would go overtime, cutting into our practice teach sessions. This was a shame given how much we had to learn.  It would be very helpful if you are attending an intensive session to attend yoga regularly (5 times a week) before you go, and have some experience teaching another modality. 

If you are looking into Yandara training and have any more specific questions about it, please feel free to ask me! 

Light and love xo.