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Recipe Review: Vegan Keto Bagel (Meat Free Keto)

keto bun.png

These little bagels are oddly delicious, as you begin to mix u the ingredients, you don't think they are going to turn out (and they do seem a little greasy as you mix them). But I really enjoyed the creamy flavour and the dense, chewy texture.  They are also full of fibre so they are pretty satisfying.  Because the base of these bagels are tahini and flax, they do have a slightly earthy, savoury flavour - but I found them great topped with peanut butter, and as a bun for a sandwich. 

This recipe makes two servings, but I would recommend making an extra batch.  Keep in mind, these do take time to bake (about 40 minutes), so you may want to make them ahead of time but they store well in a well sealed container. 

You can find the recipe here:  Give it a try, enjoy!